Brow/Facial Threading £9

Eyebrow threading is an old beauty technique, thought to have originated in India and now very popular in the UK.  Therapists use a length of twisted cotton thread, holding it tightly between both hands, and moving it rapidly across brows to pull out stray hairs. The technique allows the therapist to pluck a row of hair, so the finish is straighter and sharper than it would be with individual plucking or waxing.   The thread is also able to pick up very fine hairs that might be missed with tweezers. 


After consulting with our brow-shaping experts and deciding on the required shape, your unwanted hair will be removed leaving a smooth, silky touch for weeks. 


We understand that any treatment involving brows is a delicate subject, so you will be consulted throughout the treatment to ensure the hair removed is the right amount and we won't let you leave until you are happy with the result.  


We also offer facial threading and this is charged at £9 per area (e.g. chin/upper lip/etc.).  A full face thread, including brows, is £30.

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Eye Package £27
Our package is ideal if you would like more than one treatment on the eye area as you can take advantage of all three treatments.  Receive a brow wax/thread, a brow tint and a lash tint for just £27 (saving £3).  Patch testing is required 24 hours prior to your treatment.