Nail Enhancements

Using the professional range of NSI products, our highly experienced nail technicians will create the perfect acrylic nails to your requirements - be as daring or as natural as you wish!  Choose your preferred nail shape and length and then decide which colour polish you would like.  Nail art costs extra depending on the intricacy of your design.  To maintain the appearance and strength of enhancements, a re-balance is advised every two weeks.  If you are already blessed with long nails, but wish to protect them, an acrylic overlay is ideal.



Acrylic Nails Leicester
Acrylic Nails Leicester
Acrylic Nails Leicester

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Acrylic New Set
(finished with nail polish) £35
(finished with GelColor) £45
(with coloured Acrylic) £45

Our highly experienced nail technicians will create your perfect nails - be as daring or as natural as you like!  Choose your preferred nail shape and length, and then decide which colour you would like. We only use safe products (no MMA).

Acrylic Rebalance 
(finished with nail polish) £30  
(finished with GelColor) £40 
(with same coloured Acrylic) £30

To maintain the appearance and strength of your enhancements, a re-balance is advised every 2 weeks.  

Natural Nail Acrylic Overlays
(finished with nail polish) - £30  
(finished with GelColor) £40 

(with same coloured Acrylic) £35

If you are already blessed with long nails, but wish to protect them, an overlay is ideal.   We only use safe products (no MMA).

Acrylic Removal (our acrylics only)
followed by OPI GelColor £40 
followed by OPI File & Polish £31

Nail enhancements are safely and professionally removed, leaving your natural nail free of damage.  Followed by an OPI GelColor or File & Polish.  We can only remove enhancements that have been applied in our salon.  


Nail Add-ons

  • Add £6 for French or Ombre.

  • Add £10 for an OPI GelColor finish (instead of regular polish).

  • Nail Art - prices vary, please ask.

Acrylic Nails Leicester
Acrylic Nails Leicester

Beware of some nail salons!


There are two types of acrylics which are currently used in UK nail salons - one safe (EMA) and the other dangerous (MMA). 


What is MMA?

MMA originated in the dental industry for making crowns. It is also used as bone cement by surgeons during joint replacement and in some flooring products and resins.  In the 1970's, some nail technicians began using MMA for acrylic nail services because it was much less expensive than the safer alternative of EMA.  However, the USA’s Food and Drug Administration received numerous complaints of personal injuries associated with the use of MMA. The complaints included serious nail damage or loss, contact dermatitis, organ damage from long term use, soreness and infection due to breaks caused by rigidly adhered acrylic.  MMA was then declared "a poisonous and deleterious substance" under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in 1974 and was taken off the shelves.  MMA is now illegal in many countries worldwide.


What is EMA?

EMA was created as a safe alternative for nail extensions.  It is a much more flexible acrylic that is designed to break under extreme stress to the nail, therefore causing a lot less damage to the nail (MMA nails rarely lift or break and will take the nail plate off the nail bed if enough pressure is applied to break it).  EMA contains none of the “bad” ingredients so will not have the same negative side-effects as MMA.


Health risks associated with using MMA - Nail Infections.
The surface bond of the MMA acrylic is so strong to the soft tissue that even a slight trauma to the nail can cause the nail to break and lift off the nail bed.  This can result in serious nail breaks, infection and loss of the nail plate.  Ironically, it is the strength of the acrylic that attracts some customers to the product.  While MMA used in the medical and dental industries provides superior adhesion to bone, it is not appropriate or safe for use on the softer nail tissue.


Health risks associated with using MMA - Respiratory problems and eye, nose and throat irritation.
MMA vapours are toxic even in small doses and can cause lung, liver and heart valve damage, especially with long term exposure.  This is why you may see the nail technicians wearing a mask - ARE YOU EVER OFFERED ONE TO WEAR?


Health risks associated with using MMA - Severe Allergic Reactions.
Repeated exposure to products containing MMA can result in severe allergic reactions.  Redness, swelling, numbness and itching are common symptoms.  The small molecular structure of MMA makes it possible for it to be absorbed even through unbroken skin.  It can also actually do permanent damage to the matrix of the nail and further absorb into the body. 


MMA sticks better than EMA products? FALSE.
When EMA products are applied properly they adhere better than MMA products.  It is not true that MMA has better adhesion.  It is just that MMA technicians use drills to prep the nail and this is what causes superior adhesion. 


Removal of MMA acrylics.

MMA is solvent resistant which means it cannot be soaked off.  Removal involves the use of a drill which will then cause further damage to your natural nail plate because it may be difficult to see where the false nail finishes so the chance of filing into the natural nail are high.  This will result in a damaged, thin nail plate leading to permanent nail deformities.  The drills cause pain and excessive damage to the nail plate - rings of fire - by drilling into the nail plate, sometimes THROUGH the nail plate into the nail bed causing permanent damage.


Why is it safe to use MMA in the dental and medical industries?
Teeth are a much harder substance and less penetrable than the softer, keratin protein of nails.  Additionally, dental prosthetics are made outside of the mouth and once cured, are safe when placed in contact with human tissue.  The exposure rate is also completely different.  A client who wears acrylic nails may have an infill every two weeks, whereas they may only have a few dental prosthetics throughout a lifetime.


Why do some nail salons still use MMA?

Unfortunately, even though MMA was declared "a poisonous and deleterious substance", it is not yet illegal in the UK so some salons are still using it today!  Why? Because it is far cheaper.  With the surge in salon growth and the demand for acrylic nails, many salons are looking to cut costs of supplies hence why MMA has shown its ugly head again. (MMA is 1/6th of the price of EMA.)





  • Extremely strong smell of acrylic.

  • No labels on the products being used.

  • Extreme filing of the natural nail with drills.

  • Cheap prices.


Please, please, please avoid these salons.  They have no accreditation and insufficient insurance, so if you were to experience a reaction or injury, you would not be covered.  They only accept cash payments and they don’t speak English.  They keep no record of their clients so no one would ever be able to prove that you visited the salon and as no card payments are taken, you can never be traced to the salon.


One final point to bring to your attention is that they do not sterilise their equipment.  How many times have you been “burned” or “nicked” by their equipment which they use on the next client without sanitising or sterilising it?



We helped the BBC with their research for the documentary that was aired on the Inside Out programme in January 2015.  Please see the video below for the full piece that was aired.  (We were the one and only salon that tested negative for the use of MMA, but unfortunately they are not allowed to name the companies!).